How to Get The Best Online Loan with LoanStar

The internet has provided many benefits to people all around the world, and that includes personal finance as well. It allows you, the consumer, to be aware of the terms and conditions for every sort of loan by every financial institution. In fact, you can now use a sort of search engine for loans to find the best loan for your needs.

That is where LoanStar comes in. It allows you to take control of your personal finances to a degree never before possible. Let’s see how it works in more detail.

How LoanStar Works

As previously mentioned, LoanStar is similar to a search engine, but for loans. Using it, you can search for a loan offer that’s right for you by specifying a range of criteria. First, you can select the amount you need to borrow. Then you can select the amount of time it will take you to pay it back, which is called the term of loan.

These are the most basic criteria for finding loans. However, there are further filters you can use to refine your search. For instance, you can find companies willing to loan to people with a lower credit rating. You can also specify that you want results for companies who loan to people from age 18 to 20. If you are in the U.S., you can also filter the lenders by state.

However, that’s not the end of LoanStar’s features. Once you get the results, there are convenient ways to sort the table of lenders. You can sort the companies alphabetically, and by user ratings. You can also sort by interest rate and the total cost. Keep in mind, however, that the interest rate and costs are only an estimate. Your credit score, as well as the state or country you live in, will ultimately determine the costs.

Which Countries Does LoanStar Cover?

LoanStar is an ambitious company which is always expanding. Currently, we serve as many as 16 countries, but we are always planning our next expansion. The countries where we currently have a presence are Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Germany, France, Georgia, and Lithuania.

If the country you live in is not on the list, don’t worry! We are currently setting up operations in a few other countries as well. These include Belgium, the U.K., Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria. Naturally, there is always room for further expansion, and we will try to reach as many countries as possible.

Why Should You Use LoanStar?


There are many benefits to using a tool such as LoanStar to find the best loans. In a free market, competition is the driving force for companies to improve their products and make them more competitive.

You can’t have competition without a means to compare what one company is offering to what another company is offering. That’s why LoanStar is so important. It allows you to see everything that is on offer, and decide what the best offer for your needs is.

By introducing this kind of transparency, LoanStar is also pressuring lenders to provide better conditions for loans. They won’t be able to hide behind the consumer’s ignorance anymore in order to charge higher rates.


On top of that, LoanStar is just more convenient. If you wanted to compare the terms for loans from a bunch of different companies, you’d have to go to each of their websites separately. Then you would have to type in the amount you want to borrow and the term of the loan. Rinse and repeat for every lender. LoanStar aggregates all of this information into a table which is easy to use and navigate.

Speaking of convenience, there are few things more convenient than getting a loan online. It saves you the hassle of going to the lender’s offices, standing in line, filling out endless paperwork, etc. All it takes is a few clicks and a few forms filled out, and you are good to go.

A Wide Network of Partners

We have to point out that LoanStar itself is not a lender. It is a tool designed to allow users to compare the offers from a variety of lenders. With that being said, LoanStar chooses only reputable and sound lenders as our partners.

In fact, in the U.S. alone, LoanStar cooperates with as many as 23 lenders. We select our partners in a similar way for all the countries and regions we operate in. They have to meet certain criteria and provide a range of services to clients.

We should also mention the fact that LoanStar doesn’t even receive commissions from all of the lenders it lists. We want to offer users the greatest possible variety of lenders.

That is why we try to include as many lenders as possible (if they meet our criteria), regardless of whether or not they pay us.

Different Services Available

On the topic of variety, we also have to mention the services LoanStar covers. Namely, LoanStar allows you to choose between some of the most common financial instruments, and compare different offers.

Currently, LoanStar offers payday loans, personal loans, and car loans. However, we plan to expand into savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and other products very soon.

It’s Free!

Finally, we felt it was important to underline the fact that using LoanStar is completely free. We don’t take money from our users, because we get it from many of the lenders we work with. They pay us a commission for every client that gets a loan from them.

As we have already mentioned, not every lender we feature pays us. That’s ok, our goal is to provide a great service, and the money will come in.

Try It out for Yourself!

It doesn’t matter whether you are actively searching for a loan, or you are just curious to see what’s out there, we invite you to try our service for yourself. It’s easy to use, powerful, and free!

If you have time, why not check out our blog as well? We are always trying to update it and feature the best advice out there. After all, that’s our goal – to help you make the best financial decisions!